Outcomes from the cancer registries in scientific literature

Our company provides technological and analytical background for clinical registries of the Czech Society for Oncology, which have been established for the monitoring of effectiveness and safety of targeted cancer therapy. Similarly to previous years, data analyses of these registries were used as a background for a series of articles published in international medical journals.

Considering the impact factor value, the most interesting outcome is undoubtedly the RENIS registry-based paper entitled Outcomes for Patients with Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma Achieving a Complete Response on Targeted Therapy: A Registry-based Analysis, published in European Urology (IF 16,265).

The higher number of outputs, however, arose from the TULUNG registry (6 articles), 2 papers were based on the RENIS registry and other 2 papers on the CORECT registry.

CORECT registry:

RENIS registry:

TULUNG registry:

4. 5. 2017


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