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The spin-off company of the Masaryk University provides effective services for contract research projects thanks to original software solutions, which feature many functionalities available to our clients. In particular, we provide the following categories of products:

  • Information systems for a multicentre registration of clinical data
  • Content management systems (CMS) for a modular administration of websites
  • Management information systems (MIS) for data mining and analysis


Online ConferenCe mAnagement System

Our system for management of the entire administration related to organisation of conferences and other events consists of the following modules:

  1. Content management
    • Editing the website dedicated to the event – photo gallery – file system repository – blog/news
  2. Participants
    • Registration – login – forgotten password – participant profile
  3. Abstracts, conference proceedings
    • Form for a structured abstract – article upload
    • This can be replaced by another system for the administration of papers and reviews (e.g., Easy-chair)
  4. Accomodation
    • Editing accomodation facilities – booking
  5. Other events, workshops
    • Administration of other related events
  6. News for participants
    • Sending e-mails to registered participants

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edetAiling cLose lOop markEting

Our solution for electronic marketing provides an e-detailing software infrastructure, enabling a close-loop marketing with the possibility of using mobile devices in the direct contact between sales representatives and their clients. Apart from usual presentations, the logical-technological solution of ALOE also enables users to perform market-access surveys. Our infastructure features the following main components:

  1. Server-based software mutually exchanging structured data on presentations with applications installed on sales representatives’ tablet computers.
  2. Software for Apple tablet computers featuring iOS 7.x.
  3. Client zone – an online application enabling the user to evaluate and conclude marketing cases.

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CLinicAl Data warEhouse – Information System

Platform for clinical data collection and management in clinical research projects

  • Multicentre data collection (centralized structure)
  • ICT infrastructure for clinical data collection and harmonisation in a centralised data warehouse
  • Robust eCRF design – EAV data model – open schema
  • Generalised data access management – adaptive definition of user roles and privileges
  • Easy & ergonomic operation – responsive web design
  • Modular approach
    • (i) ADMINER
    • (ii) DESIGNER
    • (iii) STUDIES
    • (iv) REPORTER
  • de-centralisation (optional) – hospital-proxy for personal identity data filtration


Brief characteristics of Clade-IS – electronic data capture system ( 3.8 MB)

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