Clinical data warehouse – information system
a platform for data collection and administration in clinical research

  • robust eCRF design
  • ICT infrastructure for clinical data collection
  • multicentric data collection
  • generalised Data Access Management
  • responsive design
  • modular approach

Modular approach

Clinical projects and research


Data Access Management

  • configurable privileges
  • configurable user roles including custom definitions
  • configurable form statuses including custom definitions
  • unlimited hierarchy of regions, institutions, sites, clinics …
Clinical projects and research


Electronic Case Report Form Design (eCRF)

  • patient forms & site forms
  • skip logic
  • data validation
  • calculations
  • interactive user & clinical guides
  • high customization
Clinical projects and research


Web-responsive user interface (UI)

  • dashboard
  • search engine
  • monitoring & audit trail
Clinical projects and research


Operational reporting

  • pre-defined reports
  • custom report & export definitions
  • rich formatting capabilities
  • queue processing

Multicentric data collection – centralised

Clade-IS centralizovaná struktura sběru dat

ICT infrastructure for clinical data collection and harmonisation in a centralised data warehouse – distributed

Clade-IS ICT infrastruktura pro sběr dat

Technological mix

Application Layer

PHP, Symfony Framework

Database Abstraction Layer

ORM/DBAL Doctrine



User Interface

Zurb Foundation, jQuery, Knockout




Ubuntu LTS

Decentralization & Deployment

Oracle Virtualbox

Data & Visual Analytics

R, D3.js

The Institute of Biostatistics and Analyses is an investigator of the project “Extending services portfolio of an information system for the data management in clinical research”. The project is supported by the OP EIC from the European Union funds.

Main objective of the project is the development of a platform for composition of information systems focused on data management and data mining in the field of pharmaceutical industry and life sciences. Offer of digital services based on a developed and validated information system will make reliable analytical models accessible to the companies for their decision-making and precise information sources for regulatory bodies. The project steps out of a laboratory environment of clinical trials and focuses on the evidence supported by real-world data.

Institute of Biostatistics and Analyses, Ltd.