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Institute of Biostatistics and Analyses

Spin-off company of the Masaryk University

Institute of Biostatistics and Analyses (IBA) is a spin-off company of the Masaryk University, with a share of ownership by the Masaryk University.

The company focuses mainly on the areas of project management of clinical research, real-world evidence (RWE) projects, organisation and management of clinical trials, particularly non-interventional clinical trials and health registries. This main activity is complemented with other services such as market access support, cost-effectiveness analysis, pharmacovigilance, analysis of clinical data, development of tailored software products and graphic design.

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Data analysis
IBA has become a CDISC gold member
January 25th  2021

IBA has joined the collaboraton of over 480 CDISC member organizations. This step forward will bring us professional development in clinical data management and data science using SAS, and our original EDC system CLADE-IS will get enriched by new terminologies controlled with CDISC standards.

ObserNIS is our new smart app!
December 1st  2018

We pilot our new ObserNIS online service, which is designed for smart documentation of clinical research projects. The app can classify clinical trials, and is capable of selecting appropriate statistical methods, and also provides power analysis.

Virtual patients with renal carcinoma
November 23rd 2018

„Renal cell carcinoma and virtual patients” is our new project aimed at scenario-based learning with all cases associated with this type of kidney cancer. This educational platform has the potential to become an interesting learning resource for specialists in oncology and urology.

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Real-world evidence/data

The Institute of Biostatistics and Analyses is an investigator of the project “Extending services portfolio of an information system for the data management in clinical research”. The project is supported by the OP EIC from the European Union funds.

Main objective of the project is the development of a platform for composition of information systems focused on data management and data mining in the field of pharmaceutical industry and life sciences. Offer of digital services based on a developed and validated information system will make reliable analytical models accessible to the companies for their decision-making and precise information sources for regulatory bodies. The project steps out of a laboratory environment of clinical trials and focuses on the evidence supported by real-world data.

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